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Club History

Currently nestled in the Corso Italia neighbourhood, the Toronto Kendo Club has been a kendo staple in the city for the past 40 years.


Originally founded in 1980 as Taku Bukan, the Toronto Kendo Club has grown today to over 100 members and 2 sister dojo’s.  While over the years we’ve moved from the heart of downtown on Queen St., then to the Greek town on the Danforth and finally to our current home today, our passion for bringing kendo to Torontonians has never waivered. 

Under the masterful tutelage of founder, Shigeo Kimura, the Toronto Kendo Club aims to promote the Concept of Kendo, that is, to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana. 

At the Toronto Kendo Club we believe that through vigorous training the fundamental core values gained by practicing kendo of; self-discipline, respect, and commitment to lifelong development apply to both inside and outside of the dojo.

In celebration of our Milestone Anniversaries, the Toronto Kendo Club has hosted international tournaments and seminars, our latest being the 30th Anniversary International Seminar in 2011.  Look forward to our upcoming 40th Anniversary (delayed through the Pandemic) soon! 

Throughout the years, we’ve had many members and guests join us and today we have alumni all over the world including but not limited to USA, Australia, Korea, and Japan.

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