Welcome to the Toronto Kendo Club

The Toronto Kendo Club is a non-profit club devoted to the practice of Kendo. A limited number of new members are accepted each quarter and can join in January, April, July or October.

“the way of the sword
Kendo –
a traditional Japanese fencing sport with bamboo swords.
Iaido – the art of drawing and striking with the sword.


Summer Schedule has started and Saturday practices has changed to Sunday mornings until the end of August. Regular practice season are normally Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons at Joseph J. Piccininni Centre

Attention: JJP will be closed from September 2016 to January 2017 for renovations. We are in the process of finding temporary space for that time frame. Please check back later for updates.

For Membership Information
Next membership registration starts in October 2016.
Visitors are always welcome to watch practices.